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CRICOS Code: 112366E 




The High School Preparation (HSP) program is designed for students aged between 13 to 17, from non-English speaking countries. It provides a number of entry and exit points throughout the semester to accommodate every student and their different learning needs. It is suitable for all those planning to enter Australian secondary schools anywhere between Year 7 to 11.

The program includes an English curriculum that is government recognized and especially tailored for junior and senior high school students, as well as carefully selected educational content from ESL topics based on Australia's year 5 to 11 curriculum of mathematics, sciences, and creative arts.


Subjects to develop a cultural understanding of school life in Australia,, as well as supplementary textbooks and other study materials used in Australian schools will be included in the lessons to ensure a fully integrated and comprehensive learning experience for our students.

Our students will graduate confident in their language abilities, familiar with the Australian school culture, and well-prepared to commence Australia's best schools. For students testing for AEAS, we also offer extra tutoring hours every week to help each student achieve their desired result. 



Intakes:  Every five weeks 


Program Levels: Level 1 to level 7 

Course Lenght: 10 weeks per level

Hours: 25 hours per week, Monday to Friday.  


Age: 13 to 17



Students must have completed elementary school

Recommended School Entry Level: 

hsp levels.png


Refer to Fee Schedule 

Application Process: 

Please see admissions and enrolments page or contact us at for further information.




HSP Structured ESL Content Includes:

  • Australian culture and life skills

  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

  • Technology

  • Human Society and

  • Creative Arts


Furthermore, up to 5 hours per week has been dedicated to facilitate Student’s learning and practise of mathematical and science vocabulary. The vocabulary content is selected from Year 5 to 11 mathematics and science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) topics.


For students preparing to take the AEAS, we also offer extra tutoring hours every week, so that each student can achieve their desired results. 


Typical Time Table:




Our campus is designed with utmost care and consideration for our students. Its convenient location is easily accessible and close to world-famous universities, and its facilities are modern and arranged to provide engaging and interactive education. We aim to provide an atmosphere and a learning experience that will allow students to advance seamlessly into their high school education.


Located conveniently within Melbourne’s Central Business District and sitting next to Carlton Gardens – a beautifully designed park that is home to the Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum – our campus is a stone's throw away from the University of Melbourne, RMIT, and the State Library.


The campus is easily accessible via public transport, and is in the middle of Melbourne's unique, lively, and international city life. There is simply no better place for students to begin their journey in Australia.


We have five spacious classrooms with large windows and beautiful views, and each room is equipped with flatscreen TVs. The campus also has a computer room, a conference room, and a common kitchen area designed with Melbourne's modern café culture in mind. Our staff offices are easily accessible with glass walls, so our students will always feel welcomed and included on our campus.

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Our HSP program is government recognized by the Australian Department of Education to satisfy English language requirements to enter high schools across Australia. Our students are able to apply to Government Schools, as well as Independent Schools.

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