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Those who know nothing of foreign languages, know nothing of their own.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

About Focus Language School

We are a dynamic, innovative, and visionary institution specialising in quality language training. We are committed to academic excellence, supportive student services, and exceptional learning experiences that meet the needs of each student.

Study at any level, from beginner to expert
Study Tours and Summer School

Ready to explore what Australia has to offer? Our study tour and summer school programs are great starting points for students who want to immerse in Australian culture and education prior to making the decision to study abroad. These programs not only offer intensive English classes, but also visits to schools and universities, cocurricular and extracurricular activity experience, and in-depth cultural tourism.

Available Courses
  • High School Preparation
  • General English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Business English
  • Bespoke language programs
  • Study Tours & Summer School
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