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Join us in an experience like no other...

Don’t miss this short study abroad opportunity to travel across oceans, cultures, and seasons, to experience one of the most livable and lovable cities in the world - Melbourne!


As the education capital of Australia, Melbourne has a beautiful natural environment, a healthy lifestyle, and a highly diverse and inclusive social culture. Prestigious schools at all levels located in Melbourne are consistently at the top of major global education rankings and are constantly improving. A safe social environment, pleasant climate, affordable study abroad and living costs, and less time difference with Asian countries are all reasons why many parents to choose Australia.


This school break, join our short study program and see what Melbourne has to offer you:

  • Expand your child’s awareness of international prospects and global citizenship

  • Discover your child’s interests and hobbies; help expand their horizons

  • Cultivate critical thinking skills for your child with explorative and innovative activities

  • Learn about different educational methods and approach

  • Consider education and living environments more suitable for your child


  • Intensive English learning course has been certified by the Australian Department of Education

  • Opportunity to experience homestay with a local family

  • Visit the world's top schools, speak with school alumni

  • Pre-departure online webinar included to provide students and parents with information, travel instructions, and a Q&A session.


  • Experience Australia’s natural environment, arts and humanities, while laying a solid foundation for English in authentic English-speaking environment

  • Pedagogy that focuses on communication skills, combining classroom learning with extracurricular activities

  • Small class, age-appropriate teaching for more personalized and suitable language learning

  • Cultivate public speaking and presentation skills through program review and graduation ceremony



Day 1: Arrival in Melbourne

Day 2 - 6 (Monday - Friday): Intensive English with activities and excursions

Day 7 - 8 (Saturday - Sunday): Weekend free days (optional day tours available)

Day 9 - 13 (Monday - Friday):  Intensive English with activities and excursions

Day 14 (Saturday): Departure from Australia


Please contact our staff members if extension of program is required.



9AM - 11AM: Intensive English

  • Age-appropriate teaching content and small class teaching methods

  • Accredited by the Australian Department of Education

  • Same class schedule as local students

11AM - 11:20AM: Morning Tea

  • Morning tea is an important part of Australian social and food culture

  • Students can bring snacks to enjoy, while taking a necessary break and socializing with other students. We can be provide morning tea if required

11:20AM - 12:30PM: Intensive English

  • Learning continues with a focus on extracurricular activities in the afternoon


12:30PM - 1:15PM: Lunch break

  • We can provide lunch if required

1:15PM - 4:15PM: Extracurricular activities

  • Different extracurricular activities every day

  • Experience museums, art galleries, arts and crafts projects, science and technology projects, and so on in an all English environment


  • Student age: Primary school class 7-11 years old; Secondary school class 12-18 years old.

  • Minimum age for homestay: 13 years old.

  • If choosing to stay at homestay, students are required to have an age-appropriate foundation of English and independent capability.

  • Students and accompanying parents must have good civility, respect Australian culture and values, and commit to abide by the code of conduct for students and parents. Serious violations may result in expulsion or early termination of transfer activities.

  • Students and accompanying parents must hold Overseas Visitor Health Covers throughout their stay in Australia.


1. Submit application form and pay application fee/ deposit

Due day: 20th October 2023

(Confirm homestay if needed)

2. Pay the balance

Due day: 13th November 2023

3. Issue Letter of Offer/ Invitation Letter

Due day: 17th November 2023

4. Submit visa application

5. Book a flight

6. Pre-departure information session

7. Depart to Australia

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